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Audio Amp Co | Thank you

I'd like to thank the following people in no particular order:

  • Gerald Weber, KENDRICK® Amplifiers, Texas, USA for his friendship, his unbroken enthusiasm in tube amps and all his tips and tricks, he is my greatest teacher, tutor and mentor.
  • Charlie Watkins, WEM®, London, England for 10 years friendship and 50 years of copicat echoes, also for his always right advice.
  • Leo Fender for all he did and developed in his lifetime.
  • Dudley Craven for giving me the JTM 45.
  • Dick Denny for developing the AC 15.
  • Dave Reeves and Harry Joyce for the HIWATT® amps they created.
  • Oliver Oehmann, Oeh, for the responsibility of putting my head and my hands in my '65 Super Reverb and for designing my first website, his help and advice.
  • Klaus Dieter Keller for his friendship and the design of my logos, t-shirts and the photos on the website.
  • Rui Pinto for his friendship and the co-development of my speaker cabs, custom cabinets and all my flightcases.
  • Harry Haeussel for his 16 year friendship and for modifying all my guitars and, of course, for building the best guitar pickups
  • All my customers for trusting in my skills and my ears.
  • Ritchie Blackmore for nearly 40 years of great compositions and his inspiration in playing electric and acoustic guitar.
  • »Des Geyers Schwarzer Haufen« for inspiring Ritchie and for all those medieval melodies from the last 500 years and of course for inspiring me.
  • »The Shadows«, Hank Marvin for his guitar playing and his echo sounds.
  • My dad for all and for sharing his workshop with me.