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Audio Amp Co | Black'n Tweed

AUDIO AMP CO Black'n Tweed Deluxe Amp

This version combines the typical characteristics of a Deluxe 5E3 circuit from 1958 with the qualities of an original Blackface AB763 circuit, what makes the amp sound very interesting and special.

In the 1st Channel you have a Tweed Deluxe Sound with reverb, whereas the 2nd Channel offers you a Blackface Deluxe Sound with reverb.


  • Circuit: AUDIO AMP CO design and layout
  • Rectifier: GZ 34/5AR4
  • Power Amp: 2×6V6GT, Class A/B push/pull, 22W
  • Bias Circuit: switchable between adj. negative grid bias and cathode bias via mini toggle switch
  • Driver/PI stage: 12AT7/ECC81
  • Reverb Mix: 12AX7/ECC83
  • Reverb Driver: 12AT7/ECC81
  • Input stage BCh: 7025/E83CC
  • Input stage TwCh: 7025/E83CC
  • 2nd gain stage TwCh: ECC83
  • Controls: Volume Nor, Volume Bri, Tone, Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle, Reverb Mix, Presence, Wild, Reverb, Dwell, Tweed AF
  • Inputs: Normal Hi Input, Bright Hi Input, Black Hi and Lo Inputs (-6dB)
  • Reverb Pan: classic BF 2×2 spring reverb pan, all tube circuit
  • Output: one speaker output
  • Output Z:
  • Features: Line Out, Fat/Tight switch for Black channel via remote jack, push/pull Bright switch in Black channel, Bias test jacks, 4mm banana type, Pacific transformers


  • 12″ speaker
  • Available as Top or 1×12″ Combo (lightweight solid spruce)
  • EQ circuit of Black channel (BF, Dumble, Tweed or British)
  • Colour of pilot lamp lens
  • Colour/shape of control knobs
  • Strap handle style and type