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This one is my personal favourite. Small, lightweight and easy to carry.Fitted with a high SPL speaker loud enough for most applications, rehearsals and small stages.

This amp can do anything from clean to crunch with the guitar volume, for lead playing just add a good overdrive pedal or booster and you can play hard rock.

For some guitars and some players it could be too fat and too compressed when cranked, this can be varied via the Fat/Tight switches and the Hi/Lo bias switch. Amp loves single coils, Strats® and Teles®.


  • Circuit: original 5E3 circuit from 1957 with improvements
  • Rectifier: 5Y3GT
  • Power Amp: 2×6V6GT, Class A push/pull, 15W
  • Bias Circuit: cathode biased
  • Driver/PI-Stage: 12AX7
  • 1st Gain/Driver: 12AY7
  • Controls: Tone, Bright Volume, Normal Volume
  • Inputs: Bright Volume Hi 1, Lo 2 (-6dB), Normal Volume Hi 1, Lo 2 (-6dB)
  • Output: one speaker output jack
  • Output Z:
  • Features: steel chassis, hand wired, point to point on turret board, tube clamps, MERCURY MAGNETICS® USA transformers


  • Speaker simulation on balanced XLR output
  • Line Out
  • Negative grid bias or cathode bias via toggle switch
  • Hi Bias/Lo Bias switch
  • Fat/Tight switch for input stage
  • Fat/Tight switch for 2nd gain stage
  • 12″ speaker
  • Available as Top or 1×12″ Combo (lightweight solid spruce)
  • Colour of pilot lamp (red, amber, blue, green or purple)
  • Colour/shape of control knobs
  • Strap handle style and type