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AUDIO AMP CO Twin Low Power 5E8


This is the most different Tweed Amp and one of the rarest.

Different input stage, different EQ-section and a different driver. The output transformer has got a lot more iron on it compared to a Bassman, this gives a tighter low end when cranked.

The EQ is very efficient but lacks the Middle Control. This amp has got the cathodyne style phase inverter which produces more gain than the long tailed pair driver of the High Power Twin and the Bassman. Amp is an alternative to the Bassman. I recommend effective Alnico speakers for this amp!


  • Circuit: original 5E8 circuit from 1957 with improvements
  • Rectifier: 2×5U4GB
  • Power Amp: 2×6L6, Class A/B push/pull, 40W
  • Bias Circuit: adjustable negative grid bias
  • Driver/PI stage: 12AX7/ECC83
  • CF stage: 12AY7
  • 1st Gain stage: 2×12AY7
  • Controls: Presence, Bass, Treble, Bright Volume, Normal Volume
  • Inputs: Bright Volume Hi 1, Lo 2 (-3dB), Normal Volume Hi 1, Lo 2 (-3dB)
  • Output: two speaker outputs
  • Output Z:
  • Features: steel chassis, hand wired, point to point on turret board, tube clamps, MERCURY MAGNETICS® USA transformers


  • Speaker simulation on balanced XLR output
  • Negative grid bias or cathode bias via toggle switch
  • Wild switch
  • Plexi boost switch
  • Push/pull bright switch for each channel
  • 12″ speakers
  • Available as Top or 2×12″ Combo (lightweight solid spruce)
  • Colour of pilot lamp
    (red, amber, blue, green or purple)
  • Colour/shape of control knobs
  • Strap handle style and type